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Vier Personen unterschiedlichen Alters und Geschlechts gehen gemeinsam Hand in Hand


13.09.2023: 5th National Day of Action for Family Carers

Since 2020 the pandemic brought along, for persons infected with Covid 19, long-term consequences and diseases that need care.
The consequences of long or post covid are approx. 100 different symptoms of various charateristics. Persons concerned may, under unfavourable circumstances, need care and support by relatives or dedicated friends.
In order to support the care and support, it is necessary that persons affected by long or post covid have a nursing allowance securing access to support offers for caregiving relatives and dedicated friends.
It is still not clear that the care appraisal and thus the assessment of the degree of care is extensive and competent regarding this new disease and the resulting amount of care.
Therefore, we the interest group for caregiving relatives, have dedicated the year 2023 to this problem and plead that the appraisal for care money – often requiring long-term care, be made and the level of caregiving be determined.

Birgit Meinhard-Schiebel
President of the interest group of caregiving relatives